New hostel that arrange "Traditional Japan" of each region as unique things.


Become a fan (FAN) regionally!
Enjoy the region more (FUN)!

The trip may have meaning of a meeting someone. If you are the first time to visit Matsumoto or have come to Matsumoto many times, our hostel provide the space that you can enjoy Matsumoto with someone. Let's enjoy Matsumoto life together that is not in the information magazine.

Become a fan (FAN) regionally!Enjoy the region more (FUN)!

hotel design concept 「ハイカラ」 Colorful x Meiji (1868-1912)/Taisho (1912-1926) era that have retro feels

FA(U)N!MATSUMOTO is based on the history of [Yoshino bath (part of Asama hot springs)]. Also, Asama hot springs is based on old history and its town still has the atmosphere of Meiji/Taisho/Showa (1926-1989) era. Whole hotel design include long history from stylish people who enjoyed its era to the modern era that exchange culture with multiple nationality. Never see such a colorful hotel that is old but new.